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So you’ve been to Portugal and believe that there’s no fun besides sun, sea and sand? Well, Central Portugal has a few surprises for you. A lot of them, actually.

Today, I’m showing you one place in particular that I discovered some years ago (a bit by chance, to say the truth).



In the middle of schist villages, hills and trees you’ll find lots of river beaches, like this one: Fragas de São Simão.

Crystal clear water? Lots of green? Stones, rocks and pebbles? Fragas de São Simão has it all!



The river you see in the photos is the Alge, which will later join the Zêzere, a river that crosses part of Central Portugal before meeting the Tagus.

Although this a well known spot in the area it’s still relatively protected. The fact that it’s full of boulders and pebbles is obviously a big help!



Very close to this river beach you can also visit Casal de São Simão, one of the typical schist villages of Figueiró dos Vinhos. I’ll talk about it in a future post!



Author Bio:
Cátia is a Portuguese who has traveled all over the country since she was a child. Her love for Portugal is her inspiration for the blog where she shares personal views, experiences and shows that Portugal is more than Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve. You can read her on Beyond Lisbon
A version of this post was first published on Beyond Lisbon


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