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Since moving to Portugal one thing we have realised is that the Portuguese like to celebrate, it is one of the best things about Portugal.

There is a festa for almost anything, don´t believe me, just have a google, in our area alone we have had a chocolate festival, soup festival and just lately the orange festival.

Now I must admit when we heard about the orange festival, we did wonder what would be there, after all once you´ve had a drink and a bit of marmalade what else is there?

Well I can tell you there is lots that can be made from oranges and from the size of the festa, lots of people and organisations are making those lots of things.

The festa itself is held in April at the Convento de Christo which is a world heritage site and worth a visit with or without the oranges..

Entrance to the festa is free, but you are only able to enter the area with the stalls and the grounds, you have to pay to tour the inside of the castle.

But as we enjoyed our orange cake and I bought my bottle of orange liqueur to take home, we realised we really can get used to the idea of having a festa to celebrate everything, including the humble orange.


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