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We live in Portugal and use the airport at Lisbon regularly, but if you are visiting for an extended period of time you can fly to Porto or faro for a couple of days.

Many airlines use Lisbon so choosing a flight should not be difficult.

We had planned to park at parking at Lisbon airport and there are a variety of car parks and prices to choose from

There are 5 options

  P1 premium P2 executive P6 Classic P3 low cost plus P5 low cost
First day 43.15 19.00 13.00 8.00 5.00
After 24 hours per hour 2.75 2.75 2.75 2.75 1.00
2nd day maximum 43.15 20.00 13.00 8.00 5.00
3rd and following days 43.15 21.00 13.00 8.00 5.00

From P1 premium at 43.15 Euro a day, what you get for this I don´t know, the car park is at the doors to departures but for 5 days that is over 200 Euro, we may as well get a taxi and not drive at all.

There are free shuttle buses from all of the car parks to the airport, but there is also one other option that we opted for

Valet express, this is where you drop your car off at departures, at the valet express exclusive area (its just a parking bay near departure doors) and a driver will be waiting for you, on return the car will be waiting for you in the same space and you collect your keys from the kiosk. If you are out of working hours, there is a telephone number to call. (we had no problem with virtually no spoken Portuguese and arriving Christmas day)

The cost of this service was 12 Euro for our 5 day trip, so really it was a no brainer to book the cheapest car park and have the valet express.

37 Euro for five days, dropping the car at the departure doors and picking it up form the same place. Perfect

If you have never used Lisbon Airport it is one of the nicest airports we know, at departures you enter the airport and arrivals is just there.

There are a selection of shops and cafés here.

After arrivals you walk to the departures area, there are 2 departures but there are so many people on hand to help you, and if you have booked via TAP (Portugal airways) you can print your ticket here, again there are many people just Waiting to help.

If your departure is not at one of these gates, then you will be at terminal two. There is a shuttle bus to take you there and again, once you arrive there are people waiting to help.

From here you can find your departure gate and wait at the shops and cafés. But be aware there are not very many places to sit and the queues to passport control can be very long and slow, so give yourself plenty of time.

All prices correct as of April 2018 booking on line

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