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FAQs is an advertising portal for holiday properties in Portugal . The company was set up and registered in Portugal in 2018.
The site advertises a wide selection of holiday properties across Portugal and provides a section where travellers and writers can add articles giving the holiday maker a first hand experience before choosing an area to visit.
There are no hidden costs to the Holiday maker. gives the you the chance to browse properties in the area of your choosing. providing information on prices, properties and location with no commitment. You are able to contact the property owner to ask questions and discuss your needs with no additional expensive agents involved provides an advertising portal for your property including advertising via social media. Unlike other portals, concentrates solely on Portugal, so every customer is intending to visit the country. You have the opportunity to write your own description, add your own photographs and speak directly to the customer.
There are no hidden costs to the holiday maker, the price advertised or the price agreed privately between you and the property owner is the price you pay, we at take no commission for holidays and add no booking fees.

There is a 30 Euro charge to the property owner to advertise on the site and all related media (If you have more than one property please contact us for discounts). This cost will not increase with additional bookings and no further charges will be added for the duration of your contract with All contracts last one calendar year intends to have the largest selection and variety of properties available in Portugal. By concentrating on just one country there is the opportunity to focus on what you are looking for, whether it is a luxury apartment for 2 by the coast or a large family villa in the country. will have something for all tastes. If we currently do not advertise exactly what you are looking for, the website will offer you a similar property will provide you with the opportunity to read articles about the different areas and cities in Portugal, written by locals and travellers. will also give you the opportunity to speak directly with the holiday property owner to ensure that you are booking exactly what you want. has no involvement with these communications, our function is to advertise properties and introduce you to each other.
This will give you, the holiday maker the opportunity to speak to the holiday property owner directly and ask any questions that you may have and also for the property owner to discuss any specific terms and agreements relating to the property

Once you have found a property that you would like to book. At the bottom of the page will be contact details. Use this to contact the owner directly and they will reply directly to you. has no involvement with these contacts.
Alternatively you can click on the link to the properties direct website.
Please allow the owner some time to reply as they may be very busy looking after guests, if you have still not had a reply in 48 hours contact the owner again.
If you still have no reply contact so that we can ensure that there are no technical problems. We do not become involved in any bookings
The property owner will advise on acceptable payment methods. This is to be agreed between the property owner and the holiday maker. has no involvement in any payment transactions
On all properties there will be a section that will make it clear if pets are acceptable. If you are unsure or have any questions then contact the owner directly to confirm. Do not take a pet unless it has been confirmed that this is acceptable by the owner.
Some properties will have pets on site, some are small holdings with numerous animals. All property pages should state if there are pets on site but to be safe or if you have allergies then please contact the owner direct to confirm.
The property pages will state if there are lifts or stairs or if the property has been disabled adapted. But if you have a specific concern then contact the owner directly to discuss any potential concerns or problems.
If your complaint is regarding the property you have booked you must contact the property directly to resolve any issues.
If your complaint is related to loss or damage you must contact your insurance company.
If your complaint is related to a technical issue relating to website please use the contact details to let us know. is an advertising portal for holiday properties, the owners are responsible for their adverts and you as the holiday maker are responsible for ensuring that the property you have booked is suitable for you and the price is agreed before confirming the booking. As a holiday maker it is strongly advised that you take relevant holiday insurance for your own protection. does not visit or vet each individual property but to advertise on the site all properties must be registered and provide the registration number (AL) this is found at the top of each property page next to the property title , this guarantees that each property is being rented legally in Portugal. No property will be able to advertise without this registration number.
All properties will complete an application form that contains terms and conditions stating that the information is true and correct. However it is the holiday makers responsibility to contact each property prior to booking to confirm the price and conditions of the property
Property owners can contact via the website, there will be an advertise section. There is also the opportunity to get in touch via Face Book , Instagram, Pinterest or twitter.
Once you have contacted an application form will be sent to you, once completed, return the form and the photographs and we will do the rest, You will have the opportunity to check the page before it goes live and there will always be help on hand if you have any questions.
Payment is via bank transfer. For this we will require your NIF number, address and full name.  This will provide an advert on the site for twelve months. The contract is not auto renewable so you never have to worry about cancellation problems. At eleven months you will be contacted again with the option to renew your contract for another year.
If you choose to cancel your subscription during a paid twelve month period no refunds will be offered or cancellation charges added, contact and your property will be removed from the site.
If you need to close your business for a period of time you can contact with the dates and the advert will be removed for those dates and reinstated for the remainder of your contract at no extra charge

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